David’s Been Here Media Kit

David’s Been Here is an electronic travel media firm that has been set in 2007 by David Hoffmann. David is an electronic influencer centered on showcasing international destinations through content traveling episodes, and his social media platforms. The website receives 92,000+ page views per month.  Our readers and viewers are travel lovers, and curious, daring.  David is committed to assisting others more affordable and traveling safer. We encourage others be an educated traveler and to ditch the cookie-cutter group tours.


Pictures: We concentrate on traveling photography and footage.  We offer customized media packages tailored to the unique marketing/advertising needs of your organization. Check out a number of our movies.

Distribution Networks

Web Prove: David hosts every episode and showcases the best resorts, restaurants, and attractions in each destination. All videos have been shot in HD and therefore are released on blog the Davidsbeenhere YouTube Channel, and a lot of other websites. With over 10 million views, DBH has released over 1,700 episodes Up to now.

Writing Projects

Favorite episodes Comprise What to See and Do in Meteora and 72 Hours.



Website: Our blog gives readers the opportunity to learn about history, culture, and gastronomy through David’s eyes. Free city guides are published by us and give present travel tips.

Case Study

Instagram Campaigns: David teams up with brands on targeted Instagram attempts to market destinations, goods, resorts, and more. Clients include the Curacao Tourist Board and Off Travel.


Awards and Features

Sponsors and advertisers will enjoy the benefits of being featured in an influential platform used as a credible resource for travel planning.

Audience Profile

For many enquiries please contact David@GodandBeauty.com 

YouTube: all our films and videos have been uploaded into the Davidsbeenhere YouTube station, which receives 300,000+ monthly views.

Daily Motion: Watch the web show on Daily Motion, among the biggest video programs on the planet, offering a mix of content from customers, independent founders and superior partners.


Vimeo: An online video platform dedicated to creativity. As an expert member of Vimeo, our traveling episodes reach past the range of YouTube.


USA Today: Leading web show episodes are selected from USA Today to print online.


Future Today Inc.: Future Today is Your Founder and Articles Supplier to Its TripSmart Channel Around Roku.


TripSmart features Free Travel shows, Virtual excursions, Guides, Tips and more on All destinations in the entire world and US, Europe, Asia, Africa. As 2014 travel episodes will be airing on the TripSmart station.

MSN: Travel web show episodes have been uploaded by MSN via an affiliate program using Trip Films.

The Straits Times Communities: David is a featured personality in The Strait Times Communities: Traveling. 


The Straits Times is among Southeast Asia’s oldest everyday newspapers. It’s this publicly-listed Singapore Press Holdings group’s flagship publication.

Frequency: Frequency is a fresh means to detect and observe videos from your favourite online sources, turning the internet into TV. Frequency gathers the videos to you and permits you to see everything in 1 place.

Vessel: Our web show is dispersed via Vessel, an online platform where users can watch shows, music videos, and film segments made by high quality founders.


Rambler: Rambler is a  favorite Russian online video portal site that receives millions of views each month from Russian speakers.

Traveling Dudes: DBH offers content for Traveling Dudes, an online travel resource for travellers, by travellers. Traveling tips, photos, suggestions, and videos have been shared.

Trip Movies: David is an featured traveling host on Trip Movies, a web-based traveling channel focusing on informative and entertaining traveling videos.

We have written articles for other sites and print medias Besides publishing our content. Listed below are a Couple of of our gifts:

We work closely with our patrons to promote mutual tourism objectives. David is regularly hosted by tourism boards and airlines, resorts, and tour companies on media excursions. DBH has also hosted giveaways such as Drobo and ScotteVest and partnered with travel items like XShot, Steadicam Smoothee, Keen Footwear, and businesses like Wimdu and Borrow Lenses.


For many sponsorship enquiries please contact David@GodandBeauty.com 

Learn more about partnering with us with this case Study.

Davidsbeenhere has been featured on radio, television, magazines, and newspapers. For a complete list, see our Media Page.

Monthly Visitors: 45,000

Monthly Page Views: 100,000




International Traffic: Americas (46.29%), Europe (34.08%), Asia (14.26%), Oceana (2.64%), Africa (2.15%), Other (0.59%)

YouTube Lifetime Views: 10.8 million+


Social Media Stats

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