Celebrity Travel Addicts: Johnny Ward of One Measure 4 Ward

In today’s Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A we interview my friend Johnny Ward of Just One Step 4 Ward. Johnny recently finishing visiting every nation on the planet and he’s world famous for earning over $1.5 million through blogging. To Thailand, across the globe to every nation, without further ado here is Johnny Ward!


How did your passion for traveling begin?

It was always to be truthful friend, the traveling was a symptom of that. When I need I wanted to be able go where I want, and then once I created the freedom, I chose to try to visit every nation on the planet!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Johnny Ward of One Measure 4 Ward

How are you currently travel in any given year? What are the kinds of places?

9/10 months on the street each year. I will visit anywhere and anyplace, ideally somewhere adventuresome with the odd location of luxury.

What is it that you need viewers to achieve / learn in photography and the work videos?

I am no photographer, but I also need people to think that you don’t need to come possess the accent, religion, education to succeed, especially now we can use the internet to build our programs. We can realize our dreams.


Honestly, after 197 states, that’s impossible! I do like Iceland, Ethiopia and rural China towards the very top of my head though.

Give us the’Top 5′ list for one of these destinations, like a Listing of sorts

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Johnny Ward of One Measure 4 Ward


How many countries have you visited so far?

Danakil Depression — lowest place on earth

Your top three favourite restaurants?

Mouth to mouth feeding’wild’ hyenas at Harar, insane

Favorite restaurant in the world?

Addis Ababa — dodgy nightlife, that the funds and food. Worth cutting looses to get a day or 2!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Johnny Ward of One Measure 4 Ward

Your favourite traveling picture?

The rift valley — beautiful vistas so far as the eye could see.

Favorite global airport?

Shashamane – where rastafarianism comes from.

City using the most friendly people?


Your favorite travel companion?

Mexican, Thai, Indian

Best way you kill time while traveling?

Wow, tough one. I went in Karachi

What’s the most exotic place you have been taken by your career?

Lost in Translation, having dwelt right after finishing uni I can completely relate to the confusion of everything.

Your bit?

Changi I guess, it’s gorgeous!

What are 4 things you might never travel without?

Algiers, Algeria – amazing people

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Johnny Ward of One Measure 4 Ward

What’s your dream destination?

My mum is cool! A number of my friends are fairly epic journey pals too, Josh, Paul, Duff. Laid back, just like a couple beers, appreciate the awesomeness of the street.

Your favourite traveling quote?

Blogging – that’s a win/win.

Your now seeing Norway, country number 197 of 197! What do you enjoy and won’t don’t you enjoy about Norway?

It friend, I have rather been almost! Maldives? Seychelles? Palau?

What’s your next major objective?

The key to a life of traveling is finding also the ideal method, and a way to fund this. My advice would always be to start a website, who knows where that’ll take you, my life changed !

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Johnny Ward of One Measure 4 Ward

IPhone, a powerbank adapter and MacBook. God that seems pathetic, haha!

Summit of Mount Everest, North Pole, South Pole.

“You’ll never be as young as you are tonight”

The cost of beers at per pint is a killer! But it’s an incredible country, exquisite, uber created, also with excellent activities in the summer (fjords, cruises etc) and winter (northern lighting, arctic circle, huskies).

My charity is constructing yet another playground to get an impoverised school, you can observe that in GiveBackGiveAway.com, then I am off’round the world in 80 days (no flights)’ that has to be awesome. Additionally, racing tuktuks in Sri Lanka with the guys from LargeMinority.com in fourteen days, super stoked about that too.