A Day in Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai

I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with Asian elephants at the Interesting Elephant Nature Park of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, this Season.

This awesome rescue centre is also home to over 40 elephants with backgrounds as workers and road attractions in the trade. A trip to Elephant Nature Park ideal for animal lovers of all ages interested in interacting with these giants, and is a fantastic day trip in the city of Chiang Mai. This is some information regarding the playground, how it came to exist, and guest info.

The Dark Side of Working Elephants


Meet Lek, the Elephant Whisperer

A Day in Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai

In case you have seen Thailand you understand that elephants are used for riding, road crying, and road displays, and while this seems cruel, a much more sinister practice is going on in the logging sector of Asia. In Myanmar and Laos elephants have been used to pick up and haul logs. These”timber elephants” are oftentimes abused, maimed, and severely injured on the job.

About Elephant Nature Park

The relationship of his obedient elephant and the mahout has given to aggressive handlers using any brutal way necessary, including beating and interrogate the elephants in order to get them to work. Elephant Nature Park is one of rehabilitation centers in the entire world that participate from aging, crippled timber elephants that have managed to live this dangerous job, and overworked.

Why Should You Visit Elephant Nature Park?

This is really where Sangduen”Lek” Chailert comes from. Lek assisted found the sanctuary from 1996. She advocates for welfare and the rights of elephants in Thailand. Lek has been admired for his work by Time Magazine, the Humane Society of the United States, and by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton as among six Girls Heroes of Global Conservation in 2010.  She spent about an hour with me during my trip explaining why she started the Save Elephant Foundation and why visiting the Elephant Nature Park is a rewarding, exciting, and unforgettable experience for people.

I saw first-hand why they call Lek the”Elephant Whisperer.” Lek does it with as much ease as we would walk as much as a mess of dogs, Though the majority of us are scared to approach a herd of elephants, a few of which are fully blind. She has no qualms about squeezed between two enormous pachyderm bodies being prodded by many trunks at one time, or sniffed up and down by elephants that know she has snacks in her back pack. Not once did her harm, and not once did she need to inform them not to.

Elephant Nature Park is the elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in the nation, and so the elephants have more space to 32, they have plans to expand the playground boundaries. There are over 40 elephants currently residing here, most of which have been rescued in the industry. Visitors can come for the day, one night, or even a week to volunteer. The park is also home to several dogs, cats, birds, along with buffalo.

I did the single full day trip ($77), that included pick up and drop-off to my hotel in Chiang Mai, buffet lunch at the playground, and also an incredible day spent amongst the world’s biggest land creatures. Elephant Nature Park is extremely protective of their location, therefore it is not possible to drive there yourself. You dropped them off and must get picked up.

A Day in Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai

Upon arrival we escorted on a long concrete platform and were divided intro groups. Large plastic buckets of fresh veggies were there waiting, and so were the elephants. I was given the chance watch them eye-to-eye for your first time and to admire their strength by feeding these giants. I also watched the trauma a lot of these elephants experienced as timber elephants throughout their days. Many are due to slingshots used to subdue them. Others limp and shuffle due to too much strain.

While I was there I discovered volunteers helping out around the playground. Wash they can stay to help feed , and care for resident animals and the elephants. Elephant Nature Park relies from the public.

After lunch (a delicious buffet spread of Thai and worldwide foods) we were directed down to the lake for leisure time. Since they are fed by a park keeper each type of people have to bathe a pair of elephants. They had a long dust bath to help keep the pests at bay.

If you are into tales with happy endings, then Elephant Nature Park will be really for you. Tourism is not always convenient, but it’s. A day is a way to become acquainted with these incredible animals, which have been an integral part of strength, faith, and Thai culture symbolizing royalty.

Not only will you get to feed, bathe, and contact them, you’ll learn about their species, so their plight, and what steps we all can take to help save them. For one, we learned not to support working elephants in the road. Elephants have been begging for meals or standing by for a picture opportunity, do not fuel their mistreatment by encouraging. Elephant riding is also a common tourist activity in Thailand, but one that is cruel and abusive. Elephants are not made to work for all of us. Their strength has been exploited by Individuals to their benefit, and now the species is currently affected . It’s unlikely the money to feed or take care of their elephants is being used by that their keepers. Each elephant requires a few dozen kilos of fresh produce every day, but odds are that they are not getting what they require. Elephant Nature Park educates tourists what signals to search for to distinguish elephants in distress so that we do cause them pain or discomfort by encouraging their barbarous owners.

A Day in Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai

Things for the better are currently changing and encouraging us all to possess an unbelievable day with elephants that are happy and free.

A Day in Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai

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A Day in Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai

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A Day in Elephant Nature Park at Chiang Mai