Celebrity Travel Addicts: Ross along with Bek Taylor of Ross and Bek

During this Celebrity Travel Addicts Q&A, we talk to Bek and Ross Taylor, best Called Bek and Ross.

We learn what pushes this Aussie couple hear about some amazing experiences they’ve had in countries all over the planet, to traveling, and pick up a few tips they’ve learned in the years they’ve been exploring the world. Have a look at their favorite destinations where they are going next and find out!

How did your passion for traveling get started?

We blame Paris!

We had our honeymoon there 12 years back and it gave us the traveling bug.

Just how are you currently traveling in any given calendar year? Which are the types?

Traveling the world instead and we quit our career work in September and decided to work online. Our initial six months were in South East Asia — so much fun. We’re in Europe adoring lifestyle. We’ll be on the road for a months this year!

You’re both from Australia.

What makes Australia such a fun and unique travel destination? Where should people go once they visit with the nation?

Australia feels like a nation and we speak with a twang that is exceptional. We’re surrounded by immaculate beaches, perfect weather towns and easy going folks. And wait…that the food is the very best bit. We’ve adopted cuisines from all over the globe and made them even better. It is an expensive state no doubt…but we have Kangaroos and Koala’s — what’s not to adore?!

What do you want viewers to obtain and learn from the work?

It is an wonderful feeling when a few of our mythical followers say that we’ve motivated them to try something new or to start traveling. That is it — job done! To have that sort of effect on a person’s life is fulfilling. We love sharing travel and everything food.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Ross along with Bek Taylor of Ross and Bek

Which are the top three destinations you have seen?

This is a tricky one! But the places that are stuck with us are: Hanoi — Vietnam, KL — Malaysia, along with Budapest — Hungary.

Give us a’Top 5′ record for one of the top 3 destinations. Just like a mini-guide or some listing of types. It can be anything from your favorite resort, best spot to get lunch, finest sightseeing, etc..

KL – Malaysia

How many countries have you seen so far?

This year we have been to seven countries currently in Asia and Europe. In the past ten years we have hit around 25 countries so far. Love travel much.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Ross along with Bek Taylor of Ross and Bek

Know that their way of life and one of your goals when you travel will be to fit in with the locals. What has been the interesting or most surprising thing you have learned about the folks in a certain state?

Malaysia was a surprise. To see three distinct cultures in a joyful rhythm was fascinating. There’s a stronghold of Malays, Chinese and Indians all living harmoniously in one country. It truly makes the place buzz, especially!

You also talk about the expense of living in different places around the planet, in addition to showcasing fun and food in the channel. What are some of the advice you’ll be able to share with fellow travelers?

We love staying for a month in every nation. It gives you a wonderful vibe to the place but additionally, it saves you money. Normally you’ll find a 30% to 40% discount on Airbnb after you click over 28 days. We make a custom of keeping tabs on our spending, although it can be challenging when you are out and about. So we upgrade our funding spreadsheet each day — that way we could see where our money goes and if we need to generate any modifications.

Which are the top 3 favorite perfumes?

We enjoy them all! Our current favorites are both Japanese, French, and Malay.

What’s your favorite restaurant in the world? What dish would you recommend there?

L’Avant Comptoir de la Terre – Paris France

What’s your traveling movie?

We guarantee we are not pants with this proposal. Cheap prices for high end food. Foie Gras for 5 euros modest wine. Magnifique!

What’s your global airport?

Ross: The Beach — adored the concept of going after viewing this movie backpacking.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Ross along with Bek Taylor of Ross and Bek

Which city had the friendliest people?

Bek: Paris Je T’aime — 18 stories. It reveals many different dimensions of one city.

Who’s your traveling companion?

Singapore Changi airport is nuts! We wanted a announcement to find each other and lost each other. We could laugh about it!

What’s the best way to kill time when traveling?

Greece, athens.

The Greeks are trusting, generous and lovely!

What’s the most exotic place your career has taken you?

Each other. Two peas in a pod here.

What’s your piece?


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Ross along with Bek Taylor of Ross and Bek

A trashy TV collection is loved by us. We get hooked which leads to a marathon couch session.

What are 4 things that you can never travel without?

Jamaica was fun. A cliff that was 30m jumped off and red stripe beers sank using jerk chicken.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Ross along with Bek Taylor of Ross and Bek

What’s your ultimate dream destination?

It requires all of your energy to travel time. It. Every second is loved by us. Just remember — you only get older from here so do not wait for tomorrow to come…do it today! Yolo.

What’s your traveling quotation?

Toothbrush, Mobile Phone (using information of course!) , Hot Shower, Camera

Where are you headed next?

New York City!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Ross along with Bek Taylor of Ross and Bek

We’ve been there briefly a few decades back. Would really like to spend a month there.


Anthony Bourdain –“open your mind, get up off the couch, Proceed”

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Ross along with Bek Taylor of Ross and Bek

Czechia Now in Budapest in Hungary, Then onto Croatia Second followed us.

We will have a couple more months in Europe and subsequently back into Asia again! We’re loving the experience this year of investigating new places.

Hey there — we’re Bek and Ross! Time travellers with a passion for sharing entertaining, everything food and traveling. Back in 2018, we quit our jobs, packed up the house and opted to work online so that we can see the world. We dwell in a town for a month at a time, to have a feeling of what it’s like to live there. We’re now YouTubers sharing our experiences. Outside of YouTube along with our journeys, Bek is Ross is sports-mad and now a budding photographer. Connect with Bek and Ross in YouTube their website, Instagram, and Facebook.