Celebrity Travel Addicts: Justine and Scott of All Wanderers of the Planet

From Wanderers of the World , we speak with Scott and Justine Inside this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, a couple that are proof that you could hold down a task and still explore the world!  We talk to Scott and Justine about exactly what travel means to them, the advice they have for those who feel their job has in the way of them having the ability to travel, their favorite things to do in Brussels, plus a lot more. Take a look at their best destinations and find out where they’re off to next!

How did your passion for traveling begin?

Our passion for traveling started with no other initially and continued to grow once we started dating. As a young boy and teenager, Scott was frequently whisked off on adventures with his brothers and parents; this is where his love of skiing, snorkeling, and also adrenaline-fuelled passions came out of. As for me personally; many camping trips were involved by my childhood but it wasn’t until I was 23 when I was struck with the traveling bug. Keen on using my qualification that was Italian from college, I stumbled on a yearlong trip to see eight cities in seven times. I made it a goal to see three or more new places abroad every year and all of the UK in between, upon arriving. 18 months later, Scott and I met with each other until he was brought together for the journey and it was not long.

What does travel mean to youpersonally? Is it that you feel it’s vital?

Travel brings excitement, experience, and enthusiasm into our lives. It put into action and gives us something to dream about. It teaches us new things about ourselves, each other and cultures around the world. Plus it shows us that there’s beauty wherever you look and whatever you are attracted to; make it ocean blues, black whites or forest greens.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Justine and Scott of All Wanderers of the Planet

You two run a travel blog called Wanderers of earth. Can you please inform us? How can it come about and what makes it distinctive?

We had been travelling together for around two decades when Scott suggested the notion of starting a travel blog. This was in May 2016. Initially, I laughed off the idea as I didn’t know anything and so I chose to plan our forthcoming multi-city visit to Los Angeles, Honolulu, Hilo and San Francisco, which was proposed for September of the year. But his idea stuck with us throughout that trip and we all found others should see also and that all when we got back we wanted to do was telling folks all. A month after, Wanderers of the Planet was born. Since that time, our blog has developed with us now and we concentrate on traveling that couples could do around the 9-5 like day trips, weekend getaways and 1-2 week holidays. We’ve found that digital nomads who do not possess exactly the same problems and concerns as those of us with fulltime jobs that were office-based run the larger travel sites. We wanted to create a space to inspire others and reveal that the planet can be seen by them; they just might need to do it one destination at one time and they’re ready to.

You two manage to travel even with 9-to-5 occupations. What advice could you give to folks around who feel that their jobs prevent them from travel?

If traveling is actually something which you need to do, then your 9-5 will not stand whatsoever. Yes, in order to find off time, you might need to do some advance preparation that shouldn’t be an issue , although approved than just hop on a plane tomorrow. Where would you want to go? Start thinking about it now and put it! Do not forget that your 9-5 is your gateway you still need cash to travel? So your job is what’s going to enable you to get it done. And don’t forget about everything on your home nation — weekend trip jaunt or a day trip into the countryside seems as traveling as far as a trip abroad. You might be surprised by what’s awaiting you in another town! 

How would you journey in any given year? What kinds of places would you want to see?

We invest 95 percent of our annual leave days and UK bank holidays on traveling, which equates to approximately 30 times each year. And then we probably spend another two weekends each month. So we are looking at around 75-80 days of travelling annually. We are not too good at sitting so we like to see places that have a balance of adventure, comfort and character. You’ll often find us flying across the united kingdom looking for new places and enjoy the countryside perspectives as they’re great for long weekends, but we also adore European city breaks. To give you a flavour for our kind of journey, a few of our trips have been to Vienna, Belgium, Iceland, Finland, Morocco, Hawaii, Bali, Singapore and Dubai.

What do you want viewers learn and to attain from your job?

We are doing this to discuss our own personal experiences with our subscribers that they can hopefully learn from. But with this comes the need to be honest in what we say and do. For us, this means keeping our photos realistic of what it’s really like to observe a place (warts and all) and describing the pros and cons at which applicable also. We hope that by being a normal everyday couple, readers can find us approachable and feel like they could ask us whatever they desire.

Which are?

Given just how far we loved and have been amazed by our visit to Brussels in Belgium, here is our’best 5′ record to hopefully convince you to have a trip there as well!

Give us a’Top 5′ record for a few of your best 3 destinations. Like a listing of types or a mini-guide. It can be anything in your favorite hotel, the best spot to have lunch, the best holiday season, etc..

To tell the truth, we have not been keeping count. But between us, it has got to be well over fifty by now.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Justine and Scott of All Wanderers of the Planet

That Is easy: Italian, Singaporean and British.

How many nations have you seen so far?

Archipelago in the center of London never stops to be the most odd restaurant we’ve ever eaten at. It will not be to everyones’ taste as dishes to the menu include things such as zebra, crocodile, kangaroo and even chocolate-covered locusts for dessert. We urge you to obtain the two or three most unusual dishes on the menu and gratify… you will don’t know when you could find another opportunity to eat something really special.

Which are your top 3 favorite perfumes?

Into the Wild is a tear-jerker but still is still filled with beautiful visuals and scenery and is a powerful reminder to get out there and watch the whole world but always be ready when doing so.

What is your favorite restaurant on the planet? What dish would you recommend there?

Schiphol in Amsterdam.

When we seen in 2017, it had row upon row of sunflowers outside it. This is a wonderful way to welcome us and functioned with the Netherlands as a reminder of Van Gogh’s relationship too.

What is your favorite traveling film?

Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Justine and Scott of All Wanderers of the Planet

They’re chilled, down to earth, welcoming and also also make excellent friends!

What is your global airport?

Besides each other? Our Rough Collie, Kai. He unites us on most — though not all — of our UK trips and times out.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Justine and Scott of All Wanderers of the Planet

Which city had the most friendly people?


Celebrity Travel Addicts: Justine and Scott of All Wanderers of the Planet

Normally, it takes us around 2-3 hours to write a new blog article from scratch (not including publishing time). This truly eats in the hours it’s fun — also gives us one blog post when we come home to write!

Who is your favorite traveling companion?

Because we both work fulltime, we usually decide to use local brands and tourism boards; perhaps not exactly what you’d call exotic but it has given us a opportunity to visit places in the UK that we might not have done otherwise. Wespent viewing the very best of the Gower Peninsula and partnered with Visit Swansea Bay. It was the first area in the UK and we had never thought to visit. So I am glad we got the opportunity to do this as a press 19, it’s simply magnificent.

What is the best method to kill time when traveling?

Don’t expect everything to be perfect. There will be accidents across the way — anything out of delayed and cancelled flights into buff weather and bags. But as long as you can travel with positivity and an open mind also make sure to laugh on your misadventures together then you’ll have a excellent time no matter what.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Justine and Scott of All Wanderers of the Planet

What is the most exotic place you have been taken by your career?

Our phones are our lifelines and navigators (thanks Google Maps!) , and what we take most our photos with. You discover for keeping a splitter plus blogging notes us clinging to some book journal, therefore we can nevertheless’Netflix and chill’ while travelling.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Justine and Scott of All Wanderers of the Planet

What is your very best bit of traveling advice for a person who wants to, or is about to, embark on a lifetime of traveling?

We both have a Chance to travel around Japan for a Few weeks to see places like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Uji, Both the Snow Monkey Park and Mount Fuji.

What are without?

“Home isn’t where you’re from, it’s where you go. The whole world travels. Other people find it into a person.” — Beau Taplin (an Australian author and songwriter)

What is your ultimate dream destination?

Aside from a couple more weekend jaunts around the united kingdom, we are currently planning my 30th for following year, which is probably going to be more island-hopping at Croatia with afternoon trips into Krka National Park, Plitvice Lakes and the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

What is your favorite traveling quote?

We are Justine and Scott; fulltime employees, part-time travelers. Our travel blog, Wanderers of earth will be for couples who want to travel outside of the 9-5 like visiting day trips, weekend getaways and 1-2 week holidays. Come and escape the 9-5 together via our website , Instagram, Facebook, Twitter along with Pinterest!

Where are you headed next?